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Our Services

Warehouse Storage

  • Storage

  • In-door storage for general cargoes

  • Out-door storage for general cargoes

  • In-door bonded storage for GST-not-paid general cargo

  • Processing of shipping documentation

  • Handling of port clearance

  • Stuffing and un-stuffing of containers

  • Bulk breaking

  • Sorting

  • Local distribution

  • Inventory management

  • Labeling and re-labeling

Warehouse Shelves from Above

B2B Distribution

Our logistic operation begins with the aggregation of numerous small parcels into economically-sized lots of shipments. This operation is connected to a large base of international haulers, shipping lines and transport companies whose experts in handling commodities and ingredients enable Maxwill to organize and manage each supply chain effectively. Consequently the company is able to ship cargo in a very cost-effective way yet maintaining the same high quality of the produces. The customers will also benefit from the savings in freight.


Maxwill provides logistic services such as warehousing, distribution, freight forwarding and shipping. Daily, we move thousand of tons of inspected commodities from various sources to warehouses and designated locations. Maxwill also arranges insurance and security coverage. With well-coordinated operations and administration, goods are assured of arriving at its destination within the shortest possible time.

Business Video Call

Retail Brand Marketing

Our marketing arm reaches out to the local supermarket chains such Giant Hypermarket and Cold Storage Supermarket as well as mini-marts and traditional provision stores in the heartlands. This serves as a convenient and cost-effective channel into the Singapore FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market maximizing our brand awareness to the end consumers.


With a retail marketing arm, we build better working relationships, gain mutual understanding and further enhance growth. We constantly seek opportunities to serve our stakeholders and partners better.

Our Brands

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